Double-bred Snakefoot, Belle's
pedigree read like a Who's Who of
rich Elhew blood and she has the
game to prove it.  She's a medium
range hunter with an excellent nose
and game finding abilities.  She's
an excellent retriever and has
plenty of drive. Belle has a keen
intelligence about her and has
shown the talents of superior
Snakefoot progeny.  A great female
in the mix here at DBK.  
Another handsome face and the style
to match.  Tuff is a tenacious ball of
energy, ravaging the fields with
enthusiasm like none you have seen
before.  He will slam-point his birds and
always looks picture perfect. His
breeding is phenomenal.  Sired by
Run-N-Gun Tonka, we find Elhew
McDougal, Ch. Elhew Fibber McGee,  
Elhew Damascus, and Fiddler's Ace - to
name a few. This dog has a choke bore
nose and high cracking tail.  As a sire
he has put some excellent pups on the
ground and we are proud to have his
lineage continue here.
2016 In Memory of the best there was...
She is an exciting combination of  
RnG Tonka Tuff & Dirt-Broke
Calamity Jane. Maggie got the best
of both of them.  She is a excellent
proven female.   She is super
intelligent & we are so proud to have
bred this pup straight from DBK
foundation - she has incredible
potential ahead.  She makes hard
slamming points & showcases both
style and a poker-straight tail & has
a powerful natural born instinct for
birds.  Her pups are showing all of
her superior qualities.
OWNED BY: Danny Snow
"It is love - and of this I have no doubt - that makes a dog work the hardest for its master." ---Charles Fergus
Please find below the Pointers of Dirt-Broke Kennels.  They are a proud bunch and with good reason. We house some of the finest bloodlines of the breed and we strive to ensure the
excellence in the field continues.  These dogs are NOT for sale at any time however, we do offer stud services on our males and will have litter announcements on our News page. Please
click the registered named for a link to that dog's papered information. Clicking thumbnails will give you a detail view of our dogs.
He was the pride and joy of our kennel.  Direct son of the magnificent
Elhew McDougal x Run-N-Gun Play Girl.  Diesel came  from a long line
of excellence including Grandson of Ch. Fibber McGee, great grandson
of the legendary Ch. Snakefoot, Mr. McGoo and Ch. Elhew Strike.  The
pride and intelligence of this dog was incomparable.  He hit points hard
& handled like a dream, retrieved like he missed his calling to be a lab!  
We were very blessed to have him for 10 years and are very excited to
have his two of his pups still  in our kennel doing some great things.  
Diesel was an excellent elhew pointer, he gaves us a passion & he will
hunt on here in all we do.
She is the matriarch of our Pointer
family.  An outstanding cross from
Shadow's Attitude x Royalty's
Babe, this girl lives up to her
name. She is all business and all
style in the field, hunts hard and
always finds birds.  Not only does
she look great on paper but she
has the intelligence and
personality to match.   She knows
how to work any field under any
conditions and her point is always
tight and stylish. At 11 years old
she is still showing the young
pups how to get it done.
"FANCY"                                          2/28/05
"TUFF"                                         8/19/06
This guy has got the goods.  
Dooley is a homegrown cross of
Diesel & Harlee. We could not have
asked for a better male to add to
our breeding program and to carry
on these very rich bloodlines.  He is
a hard hunter with a big motor and
heart to match.  Stylish and sure on
every point he can really put on a
show in the field.  His personality is
so much like his sire it is almost
unbelievable. Every good thing
Diesel had he left behind for us in
this one.  We cannot wait to get
pups out of him! Looks and smarts
- thats how we like them!
Available for stud.
Harlee was a full littermate to Belle.  She was
a seasoned hunter and showcased a stylish
point.  She was hard running and had proven
she was just as golden as her pedigree.  We
were blessed have gotten two incredible
litters from this gem.  She put her all of her
style, smarts & sweet personality in her pups
and they are phenomenal!...Actually, thats an

Affectionately known as "Meo", this
sweet boy was the only GSP in our
kennel but due to the loss of his front
leg as a pup, he didn't get to hunt
much as he couldn't withstand the
demands of the field too long, what he
became was our family's greatest
love, entertainment, companion and
protector.  He fought to beat the odds
against him as a severely wounded
puppy and he fought to stay with us
IMHA.  We knew the odds
were not in our favor and we tried
everything possible to save him. Our
hearts broke on July 1.  This was a
horrible disease and I would ask that
everyone with dogs be aware of it.  We
miss our Meo every day. He was a
great joy to us all.
If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever...
"BELLE"                                          8/10/07
Memphis is a beautiful boy from an
impressive cross of Run-n-Gun
Black Snake and Cliff's Elhew Julie.
He is a big runner, like find another
zip code big runner. He's stylish,
quick and well-mannered.  
"DOOLEY"                                         7/21/12
"DELILAH"                                         7/21/12
Full litter mate to Dooley, Delilah is
at the top of the of the heap.  She
is a beauty and the spitting image
of her dam, Harlee. She hunts to
cover and displays supreme
intelligence when working the field.  
She has become a very consistent
and reliable hunter. Easy to handle
and a heart of gold.  We are proud
to have her in our kennel.    
"MAGGIE"                              4/23/09
Snake is a cross from an amazing
female we bred and raised,
Dirt-Broke Cowgirl Tuff and Pinehill
Doc Holliday.  This cross was
beyond impressive.  Snake is bird
obsessed!  He is a hard-running
hunter and is exhibiting all of the
drive we want to see in our dogs
along with the brains to figure
things out. 2016 will be his first
season and we are very excited
about what he has to offer.  
Available for stud.
Oaklee is a prize!  She is a full litter
mate to Snake & Molly, a petite little
keg of dynamite when she is working a
field.  Full of style and one of the
smartest young dogs we've had.  She
has an impressive nose. slams her
points and is as birdie as they get.  We
have already decided at her young
age she already has huge breeding
potential in our kennel.  She is starting
her first season and we know big
things are coming from this little girl!
Molly thinks about one
thing...birds.  She has little time or
concern for much else.  She is a
litter mate of Snake & Oaklee.  
With her small frame she polishes
a field with ease.  Her drive to find
birds is both admirable and
impressive.  Very stylish on point
and a high-noon tail.  We are
looking forward to this first season
with Molly.  She is a great addition
to our brood pool.
"AXEL"                                           8/26/15
Axel has a special place in our kennel. He
was our pick of Tuff's last litter before we
retired him.  Axel is just as explosive in
the field as his sire.  He is determined
when on the hunt and hard running.  His
tenacious tendencies are plus in our
book. He will lock down on birds
and has
an obsessive desire to retrieve.  Axel has
a desire to please and is extremely
intelligent.  He will proudly carry on his
sire's best traits.
"SNAKE"                                         6/26/15
"OAKLEE"                                         6/26/15
"MOLLY"                                         6/26/15