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Check in with us again.  We (may) have a potential litter planned late 2016/early 2017. We will know for sure as we get
into the 2016 season.


If you are here looking for a puppy & have never had a pointer you need to be aware, our pointers are not
bred to be "pets" only.  We breed specifically to maintain their NATURAL INSTINCT to hunt birds and for
that reason we do NOT allow our pups to go to non-hunting homes. A hunting dog in the hands of
someone with no experience to their tendencies can mean danger for the dog and destruction for the
homeowner. Pointers are not the dog for you if you are looking only for a family pet that will only have a
small backyard or a daily walk.  They have an unrealistic energy level and when not given appropriate
outlets to expel that energy they WILL tear up your house.  They are great dogs!  THE BEST breed in our
opinion.  They are intelligent, loyal, driven, determined, protective, playful, sweet and energetic.  They are
also stubborn, hard-headed, willful, obsessive and require a firm hand to train.  They are hunting dogs.  
That is their job and it is their hearts truest desire.  We are always glad to discuss our breed with anyone
but please understand our first concern is their welfare and happiness.
has been years in the making.  We
discussed, studied, and hand
picked dogs that have what it is
that makes a great bird dog.  That
is why we decided to have a
small-scale breeding program.  We
believe less is more and that will
allow us to dedicate much more
time to each pup born at our

It is our firm belief that if you take a
puppy that has a proven bloodline,
/obedience training, and you work
their natural ability you will have an
excellent Pointer.  We have proven
this theory with several dogs
standing at DBK.  A well socialized
pup makes for a better dog (bird
dog or not).  This is why we plan to
ensure DBK puppies leave our
kennel headed down the path of
being a superior gun dog.
Less Is More
We take the responsibility of
breeding very seriously and we will
never breed "junk dogs".   We do
not breed "because of papers" - we
breed in addition to them.  Our
dogs have to prove themselves in
the field before they are ever
breed-worthy. We aim for superior
quality. Check out each dog's
pedigree on our DBK Pointers page
and see for yourself --- WE GET